Nokia N97 Brief Impressions

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I have been searching for a replacement for my mobile set up(Sony Ericsson W810i + Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox 720) for a little while now, and I think I may have found it with the Nokia N97.

If the Pre fails, what happens to Palm?

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The buzz around the upcoming Palm Pre has most of the gadget media world talking about the device as if it is already a success, but what if it is not?

Windows Mobile losing steam too fast?

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Looking at the United States cellular market alone raises an interesting question. Where is Windows Mobile?

All of the high profile smartphones being touted by the major carriers in the USA these days are running an OS other than Windows Mobile.

Sprint makes Palm Treo PRO available to their anxious customers

The new Palm Treo Pro is available from Sprint for $199.99 after Mail in Rebate, and 2 year contract.

Screen Display -TFT display with high-resolution 320x320 color touch-screen
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Software

Nokia 5800 MusicXpress issues spell doom for N97?

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The North America release of Nokia’s first touch screen phone, the 5800 MusicXpress has been marred by major issues.

Alltel begins selling the Palm Treo Pro

Alltel announced that they have beat Sprint to the finish line, when it comes to launching the new Palm Treo Pro. Alltel began selling the Palm Treo Pro, this week, while Sprint is not expected to sell the device until March 15th.

The Alltel version is almost the same as the Sprint model, except for the custom carrier software that each carrier adds for their services.

Here are some specs:
-Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional Edition
-Qualcomm® Dual-Core MSM7501A at 528MHz

Palm Treo Pro coming to Sprint stores, March 15th.

Palm not long ago, announced their new Palm Treo Pro, which is set to replace their soon-to-be extinct Windows Mobile-powered Palm Treo 800w. It will have a slightly different hardware look to it, and it will feature some upgraded features.

It will feature Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional (touch screen-enabled); Microsoft's Internet Explorer Mobile 6, providing users with a more robust mobile browser; Wifi; and GPS.

Transition Complete

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As many of you have noticed. The user base from the Old site has all been moved over to the new site. Feel free to begin posting as this site will now be the main site and the old site will be locked. You can still access the old site for reference purposes at

New Year = New Look

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It is a new year and as you can see Reaper PC/PDA has a new look. This change is more than a cosmetic overhaul as the forum section of the site has been altered as well. The new look of the site will remain only accessible via until the existing forum accounts have been recreated on the new forum. Users will be receiving a notice of their new account as they are added to the new user database.

Thank you for your time and your viewership,
Marc - madreaper


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