N8 vs Epic 4g AMOLED comparison

Click on image for a full size view.

Here we have the Nokia N8 on the left and the Samsung Epic 4G on the right.
Read on for a comparison breakdown of the two devices.

The N8 has the stock glossy screen protector that came with it applied while the Epic 4G has an aftermarket matte finish screen protector applied.
Both devices are utilizing second generation AMOLED display technologies so they do not have the sun light visibility problems that were present in previous generations of AMOLED equipped devices. They do use different AMOLED variants though. Which is the reason this comparison is here.
While not the upcoming CBD(Clear Black Display) that will be used on other Nokia AMOLED devices, the N8 does have an anti-reflective layer in its screen.
The Epic 4G is a Galaxy S variant phone, so it is utilizing Samsung's Super AMOLED display.

This picture was taken with both devices in a room with over head lighting. On both devices their screen brightness was turned all the way up and were set to display the same web page to make things even.
As can be seen in this image. The Epic 4g is capable of achieving far deeper blacks than the N8 thanks to the Super AMOLED display it is equipped with.
This affects all of the colors on the screen allowing them to seem a little less washed out in comparison.
While both devices clearly have an advantage over first generation AMOLED displays, the Super AMOLED screen on the Epic 4G wins in this case.
This comparison will be more interesting if I get the chance to have my hands on a Clear Black Display and a Super AMOLED display at the same time, since both of those are more comparable screen technologies.