Nexus One Froyo Issues ?!

Not often mentioned is the issues a portion of the Nexus One community is experiencing since the 2.2 update hit their phones.
Users have been experiencing random app crashes, slow performance and the need to constantly reboot their phones.
What makes the issue even more complex is that some of the affected users have been able to solve their problem with a hard reset or micro SD card reset. However these methods do not work for all.
Our own terryjohnson16 has been hit with this bug. He has been able to make his phone stable by ending the "checkin" process after the phone has booted. Then after that he has to let the phone rest for awhile as it is still unstable for a short time. Once that is over the phone will resume normal operation until it is turned off. Then this process begins all over again on startup.
What makes matters worse is that Google has recently stopped selling the phone directly which lessens the chance of Google releasing an update for the device, for those that are affected.