AT&T gives Windows Mobile 6.5 the push

Today, AT&T quietly launched the HTC Touch Diamond 2, as the HTC Pure. The HTC Pure is the first smart phone in the United States to launch with the newly announced Windows Phone OS aka Windows Mobile 6.5.

Microsoft officially launches Windows Mobile 6.5 on October 6th, but AT&T took it into their own hands to be the first US carrier to launch a smart phone with the freshly designed GUI-oriented Window Mobile OS.

Mobility Digest got their hands on the retail box.
More info can be found here:

While got a pic of the HTC Pure home screen powered on:

It does have a 5MP camera though, and its plagued by HTC's camera flash-phobia!

Windows Mobile 6.5 is looking much better than the old Windows Mobile 6.1. Some might say its all eye-candy, to get people to come over from the brown-ish iphone grass, to the Windows Mobile 6.5 greener grass. But if you ask anyone, they will probably tell you that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

IMO, I want to play around with the newly released Windows Mobile version, to see what it has to offer. I also want to see how many apps the OS will have in the app store, and what developers sign on. We all know the iphone has tons of useful apps.

The prices have been announced for the Pure and its, business focused, sibling the Tilt 2(aka the Touch Pro 2).
The Pure will be $150 USD after rebates and a 2-year contract, and the Tilt 2 will be $300.